“The world is full of wonders, but they become more wonderful, not less wonderful when science looks at them.”

David Attenborough

What's that in the bush? Is it a lion? A leopard? With apps from Ace Nature you can quickly record sightings (it is usually as simple as noting the species and doing a count). You have instant access to ID cards to identify individual lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs and elephants.

We produce small in-car systems that allow photos taken in the field to be linked to sightings automatically. And we have Ace buttons for counting specific species without needing to enter any data!

The app works on iOS and Android devices. It links to a desktop where sightings can be combined, analysed, and associated with photos and video. All this is streamlined to make smartphones, computers, cameras and websites work together, avoiding entering data more than once.

The systems offered by Ace Nature can be customised and extended.

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